Vic Miller's "Mr. Perfect" 86 NL 244488 BB C & "Almost Perfect" 87 NL 1377241 BC WF C are the product of the "De Soest" cock and the "Wonder van Bergen" hen, which belonged to the famous Dutch fancier Freek Romein of Frederikshof Lofts. Vic mated Mr. Perfect and Almost Perfect to two special hens "Josey's Pride" AU 85 OCR 420 Blue Bar Splash & "Josey's Doll" AU 90 IHC 2983 Blue Check respectively. These two pairs founded Vic's loft, and are responsible for a number of major futurity winners, and ultimately over two hundred 1st place winners across the country. Children and grandchildren of these two famous pairs have produced very well from 100 to 600 miles.

"Almost Perfect"  &  "Josey's Doll"

"Almost Perfect" and "Josey's Doll" has bred 1st, 7th, 20th, 29th, 42nd place in just the Snowbird Classic alone. While partnered with Don Jones, I had the opportunity to race "The Miller Cock" in 1991 Snowbird Classic. Both he and his sister placed 20th and 29th respectively winning over $ 40,000. In 1992 we flew "The Miller Hen" placing 7th in the Snowbird Classic and winning over $ 19,000.