Vic Miller

In December of 2006, I had the privledge of traveling to Ohio to spend a weekend with Vic & Josey Miller. This was a fantastic visit! To be able to see and actually handle all of the wonderful pigeons that I had only read and heard about was something that I will never forget. Vic was grasious enough to take the time to let me handle virtually all of his approximately 20 pairs, and I am pleased to say that they were even better than I had imagined! This was truly a great weekend and I would like to thank Josey & Vic for the friendship, hospitality, and generosity they showed me during the visit.

Vic & Josey Miller's Home in Broadview Heights, Ohio

Vic's Breeding & Racing Loft

Young Bird loft section

Widowhood Loft Section

Inside the Breeding Loft these are the stock cocks

Inside the Widowhood Loft

Fly pen for the Hens

Some of the Stock Hens

Fly pen for the stock Cocks

Josey's White Special Event Pigeons

Vic in front of his trophie case

I guess Vic has done some winning over the years!!!

Vic holding 04 VCM 100 BC Hen an Inbred Superstar. By far my favorite Hen!!! 

Some Photographs of Vic Miller's Pigeons

2004 VCM 100 BC H

One of the last Sons of "Mr. Perfect" when mated to a Top Hen from Dave Hunsicker.

This cock was bred by Vic and race in the Snowbird Classic by The Great Ed Lorenz

The best Breeding Cock from "Mr. Perfect"